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Life Time Membership

Life Membership for the first 1000 People who become Members of the Frankston People's Council. 

The price we are asking for Membership to become involved in the very first people's council is $10.00

Please make a direct deposit to

Bank Account: BSB633000


         Should you wish to become a  

                               Member .                

Membership form


Having chosen to become a member and paid in the membership, please:

  • take a screen shot of the Bank Deposit Receipt

  • download and print out the Membership form and fill out appropriately

  • Scan the membership form

  • send the scanned Membership form and the screen shot of Bank Deposit  through to email:

  • Please read all forms Carefully

This enables us to match your Membership with the Deposit.

Please download and fill out appropriately

Frankston People's Council

Privacy Policy

Frankston People's Council

Short Term Disclosure Statement

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